Ted's Big Ride---Day Fourteen

Tucson, AZ to Salton City, CA
May 13, 2006

Today I plan to go through the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, down into Mexico at Sonoyta, back up into California at Mexicali, and then head north toward the Salton Sea.
Plan distance: 399 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 8 hours 20 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=402 miles,    Total=3,734 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 42.2
Average Price/Gallon: $3.23

11am (ish) local: Leaving the Jones'
2:25:26 PM Very uncrowded road from Tucson heading West.
2:34:06 PM Kitt Peak
2:53:03 PM Roadside Memorial. Along the 100+ miles in Mexico, there were 4-6 of these per mile.
4:29:15 PM Entering Organ Pipe National Monument which extends to the Mexican border.
5:17:55 PM Aptly named in my case. I stopped here to get some 'Mexican Insurance' which was $18 but covers any mishap that might happen. I think the insurance companies in the US, which do not provide coverage in Mexico, must be in on the take.
5:29:13 PM On Mexico Rt 2 which parallels the border. Mileage is in km and the speed limit is only 80 km/hr. . . this is going to take awhile. I am not going to exceed the speed limit, no matter how fast cars/trucks are passing me. I spotted a radar trap "JUST" inside the border where the speed limit was posted as 25 km/hr, and they had some unsuspecting Gringo on the side, extracting their due.
5:42:58 PM This is a look at the border from Rt 2. Just a series of vertical poles, gaps in-between, but with occasional warning signs as depicted below.
6:22:48 PM Sonoran desert, view 0.
6:31:36 PM Making progress on Rt 2.
7:00:24 PM Sonoran desert, view 1.
9:02:13 PM Looks just like a fine place for dinner. Rosy, the elder, cooked my meal in her kitchen. As I was finishing, Rosy the Younger joined her Mom for the dual portrait below. My meal is highlighted. I also got a made-to-order lemonade all for $5; I gave them $10.
Dos Rosy's

10:42:24 PM Finally, back to the Motherland. I did NOT need to show my driver's license or passport at the border or at the Homeland Security Checkpoint. The border agent only keyed in my plate number and said have a good ride. The HS agent, about 20 miles up the road, only asked where I was coming from and going to. I guess without my turban, I'm not too threatening.
12:33:53 AM Looking over the bike at the Salton Sea toward the (almost) full moon. It was dark, but I had my headlight (not to be confused with the bike headlight). I got camp set up in short order and was a happy camper. I was about 30 ft from the shoreline, little waves providing background music for a good night's sleep. Barely needed the sleeping bag - it was warm, but not hot.
1:03:07 AM Looking back, with flash at the set-up camp . . . nice, huh?