Ted's Big Ride---Day Two

Cabins, WV to Carr Creek, KY
May 1, 2006

Well all was fine last night, the folks just let me be. This must be modulated by the fact that I kept waking and looking at each sound, rehearsing my plea for an exemption. Well I was warm enough and all the REI gear performed wonderfully. Today I needed to make up time in order to get to the reserved campsite at Carr Creek State Park. I got there at 5:15PM, which was a good thing because the "ranger" was leaving at 6PM. I took a ride to Hazard, KY (saw no Dukes there) in search of dinner. I rode around awhile and didn't see the restaurants that the ranger said were there. I finally asked some guys on the corner and they thought I was NUTS---because all the 'restaurants' were within plain view across the street. The only problem is that they consider Burger King, Long John Silver, Pizza Hut, etc. all 'restaurants.' I had to settle for a local chicken joint which served up rather tasty Country Fried Steak. For the day, the weather was mostly cool and clear with spotty clouds. I was not too cold, nor was I too hot. A good day's ride although not much time for dallying.
Plan distance: 400 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 8 hours 52 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=427 miles,    Total=635 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 37.0
Average Price/Gallon: $3.049
7:45:25 AM First morning after packing up. Turned out to be a lucky find.
7:48:06 AM This is the sign that LURED me in, and the picnic area in the background was home for the night.
8:15:04 AM Passing over the continental divide. I hear that the next one I encounter might be a tad higher.
8:59:16 AM After breakfast. The chef was too busy to come out for a photo op. The place was full of ranchers talking about the number of twin calves born this spring. I found it hard to join in the conversation. Every one extended me a hearty greeting though.
2:46:40 PM Entering Kentucky for the first time (more on that later). The first town, Nolan I think, had a big sign stating that THIS is where the famous Hatfield/McCoy feud played out. Note, no big welcome to Kentucky where you might expect it. I missed it later on (miles later) as I was in traffic.
4:09:33 PM Now WHY am I posing at a Virginia sign here? Well I even looked at the map here and I was going down Rt 23 which (sort of) parallels the border. So I kept going 15 miles before I rechecked and I was really supposed to take Rt 119 at Jenkins. I turned around in (get this) Wise, VA. So I got to re-enter KY a second time today.
6:44:50 PM After dinner. This is my camp site. The area has warm showers and there are only 2 other groups here, out of probably 30 or so sites. Ranger person said that it fills up on the weekend but is slow during the week this early in the season.
7:27:45 PM Camp all set up, just before I sat down at the picnic table to develop this page. That's it for tonight. I should get a better night's sleep tonight.