Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Twelve

Waterton Springs, Alberta, Canada to Lake Louise, AB
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Got up a little late, rode the laptop down to the campsite office to do the 'daily' upload. Some new folks commented of the trip, seems that word had spread around. I accepted all the best wishes and went back to pack. I them headed out for breakfast at a place the campsite owners recommended in Twin Butte, about 15 miles up the road. After breakfast I met 4 guys from St. Louis area. Three of them actually live on Rt 66, how cool is that. I then headed up the Alberta Cowboy Trail which runs through cattle and horse ranches. Everything is so green and the HUGE mountains provide a spectacular vista in any direction you might look. I had to slow down 4-5 times to avoid these Rocky Mountain Sheep that graze the grass on the road shoulders. No telling which way they will run, so need to stay clear. Went over Highwood Pass. I found out at breakfast that this road only opened June 12th, another stroke of good (lucky) timing.

Waiting in line to register for a campsite at Lake Louise, I met a felllow traveller, Joe, from British Columbia. He started and left Vancouver two days ago and is travelling East to Nova Scotia, certainly a credible ride. We shared our experiences to date and commented we were both packing camera gear. Joe was givin a campsite, I don't know where...so Joe if you read this let me know how you made out on your trip.

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Riding time: 7 hours 58 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 301 miles,
    Total   = 3,792 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 42.1
Average Price/Gallon: US$4.24 (Premium Grade)
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Here's Joe, on his way across Canada to New Foundland.
My camp for two days at Lake Louise
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