Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Thirteen

In and around Lake Louise, AB
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Today it was hard to get out of the sleeping bag. I stayed up by the warm campfire last night till after midnight. It doesn't get dark till about 10:30pm and time just flies, when I have to download pics and GPS data. For the day I took a ride south/west to Radium Hot Springs, then North to Golden, back East thru Field and onto Lake Louise. Scenery always great, weather likewise. Only issue was some road construction which got my bike all dirty again. Oh well, that goes with the ride. Haven't decided where to go tomorrow. I think I'll just head North and see whan fate awaits me. Cheers! Hey, how come I havent gotten more emails?

2009_06_29/day-13e.jpg 2009_06_29/day-13.jpg.jpg
Riding time: 10 hours 25 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 223 miles,
    Total   = 4015 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 40.9
Average Price/Gallon: US$4.59 (Premium Grade)
2009_06_29/IMG_2040.JPG 2009_06_27/IMG_2041.JPG
Another Continental Divide with definition
2009_06_29/IMG_2044.JPG 2009_06_29/IMG_2045.JPG
2009_06_29/IMG_2046.JPG At the Kootenay Rest Stop I met Randy and his wife, they both ride (almost) identical Ducati motorcycles. I believe they are from British Columbia and were here for a weekend ride. Randy is also an Iron Butt member and he said that mine was the first other plate tag he has seen. Randy had also recently been down to the Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon, a place that was also on my itenary.
2009_06_29/IMG_2048.JPG 2009_06_29/IMG_2050sm.jpg
2009_06_29/IMG_2051.JPG The ride from Golden up to Golden was through a, by contrast, unspectacular valley...but the distand white capped mountains always privide visual pleasure.
Wapta Falls, was 2.4km hike from the rode over hilly terrain
tiring too be sure!
Takakkau Falls, Fabulous and only a 5 minute hike
way more bang for my buck
Another wonderful view
2009_06_29/IMG_2062.JPG At the campground on my way in I met Bernard Romero from Santa Fe. He is in construction and work is slow to non-existant, so he turned a liability into an asset-he is off to Fairbanks, Alaska by motorcycle and is then taking the ferry back to Bellingham just like Claudai, Aunt Celestia and I are. He offered my a stay in Santa Fe, but I will be gone thru before he gets back. I tols him that I was staying with a friend, Robert Talarczyk-did you know him. Bernard said, "Is he a pilot?", I said yes certainly. Well Bernard is also a pilot and has heard of my hometown friend Bobby, but has heard of him around the airport. How about that coincidence Bobby? OBTW, still very much looking forward to seeing you again.
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