Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Fourteen

Lake Louise, AB to Waterfowl Lake Campground, AB
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This morning I got up and did no know what to do, there was more to see around Lake Louise but I did not have a campsite reserved for another day. If I wanted one at the same campground, I needed to come back between 11:30 and 12:30 to see is anything was available. I decided to clear my campsite, leave my stuff with my neighbor and go off and have breakfast, see Lake Louise, and then come back. I lucked into a fabulous hot brunch at the Deer Lodge just prior to Lake Louise. (Note: I just had to stop for a break to watch the fireworks display, read more tomorrow)

After breakfast, I continued to Lake Louise, somewhat before the crowds. The lake is indeed very nice and has many hotel accommodations available...at more that camping rates. On the was back, I stopped at Moraine Lake...stunning, more details below. I then looked at my options and decided that since the other site I had wanted to see was on the way North, that I would use some time to do laptop work. I had noticed during breakfast that the Deer Lodge had wi-fi. So I camped out in a lounge there and built my last submission. Oh by the way (OBTW), the waitress at the Lodge said she was a contract worker there for two years. She was from the Philippines and had only been there for a few weeks. Tourist season in this neck of the woods starts late and ends early. Well, after my web time at the Lodge was complete, I went back to the campgrounds, loaded the bike, and headed North. Claudia had been doing some research as to where to stop next...she picked the very nice campground where I ended up. Many thanks sweetie.

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Riding time: 11 hours 48 minutes
     includes web building time

Actual distance:
    Today = 84 miles,
    Total   = 4,099 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 36.8
Average Price/Gallon: US$5.53 (Premium Grade)
2009_06_30/IMG_2063.JPG 10:46 AM Text I went to the Deer Lodge for breakfast. They had a very nice, fixed price, buffet. This is the view I had looking out the window from my dining table. They also had open wi-fi, so I came back here to upload the last two days entries and to check my email. I very nice find for a traveller on the road.
Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne (partially blocked)
2009_06_30/IMG_2069.JPG These are two of my neighbors at the Lake Lucerne campground; Andrew with Cristy. Earlier this morning, Cristy got loose and had a free romp on the local campsites. She even 'borrowed' a sock from beside another neighbors tent and initiated a "Catch me if you Can" session. She finally gave in and was brought back to her home leash. What a cute dog and how great to see Andrew having fun too!
The BEAUTIFUL - Moraine Lake
This view graces the back of the Canadian $20 bill
(without the tourists)
With the Crowfoot Glacier as a spectacular backdrop
picture credits to a fellow Porsche Pusher (Boxter)
Sorry I forgot you name...Please email me, thanks!
Just more Run-of-the-Mill Scenery
2009_06_30/IMG_2082.JPG 2009_06_30/IMG_2083.JPG
The next four shots were taken around Waterfowl Lake.
Where I spent last night---temp ~35 F, consider that cold!
2009_06_30/IMG_2087.JPG 2009_06_30/IMG_2088.JPG
images/2009_06_30/IMG_2089sm.JPG 2009_06_30/IMG_2090.JPG
2009_06_30/IMG_2091.JPG My neighbors a the Waterfowl Lake Campground, Glen, Tina, and Diesel. They were using this campsite as a base with day trips throughout the local parks. They are from Edmonton, which is not far too from the Jasper National Park. Thank you for your hospitality, and expecially for those early morning cups of coffee that I had been missing during my camping days. I hope you have an enjoyable week.
Campsite set up and ready for some laptop time.
Darkness has set in, temp is dropping, a warm fire feels VERY nice.
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