Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Sixteen

Jasper, AB to Whiskers Point Campground, BC
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elevation.jpg I took the bike to the spray car wash and it is now ready to load up with all my stuff. First off, the button on the back of my GPS failed, it had a small metal screw that went into the plastic housing of the unit. I am going to some epoxy at the hardware store so I can fix it. At the store, I ask if they have any Torx bits so I can have one if the real wheel cover plate gets loose again. They don't stock them anymore, but direct me to a local NAPA car parts store. One of the other customers actually leads me to the NAPA store and then waves goodbye. The NAPA store does indeed stock the tool bit I need, but what is the 'right' size. The clerk tells me to just take the candidates out to the bike and determine the right size. I find the one I wanted and go back in to pay. The plastic container comes with 2 bits inside and this container has no bar code, or any other markings. So the clerk tells me to just take it for free. I offer to take one and leave one, that's all I need and do not need to carry extra stuff. More great people experiences, fantastic.

Now I am off on an excursion, going to Maligne Lake, which is about an hours drive EAST...knowing that I will have to backtrack, but hearing that this lake is 'Not-to-be-missed.' So see for yourselves later in the pictures section.

After Maligne Lake and Canyon, I'm headed West to Prince George and then North to Lake McLeod for a camping location in one of the Provincial Parks. The park fee was $15 and there is a $5 wood fee for those wishing a fire. I opt for the fire and the custodian delivers the wood right to my fire pit. Way to go for Canadian campgrounds. Also I will note that along the highways, there are many rest areas, and they all have bathrooms. This makes the US Highway system seem downright un-civilized. IMHO.

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Riding time: 9 hours 23 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 386 miles,
    Total   = 4,605 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 38.6
Average Price/Gallon: US$4.61 (Premium Grade)
Six views of Maligne Lake
The beauty of this 22-km-long lake is legendary
2009_07_02/IMG_2122.JPG 2009_07_02/IMG_2123sm.JPG
2009_07_02/IMG_2124.JPG 2009_07_02/IMG_2126sm.JPG
Two views of Maligne Canyon
Quite hard to shoot pics of canyons from above
Hard to tell the snow capped mountains from the clouds!
Finally, I found my campground for the night
Warming myself by the campfire at midnight, local time.
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