Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Seventeen

Whiskers Point Campground, BC to Fort Nelson, BC
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Today was a riding day to cover some territory. The day started out beautifully, no issues until I got ready to start the long haul from Ft. St. John to Ft. Nelson. This is a long stretch with few stops. I decided to fill one of the fuel bladders that I had along to give me an extra 2 gallons, just in case. I started out and there was a gas station 48 miles into the ride, I topped off again. There is nothing about this leg of scenic beauty to mention. It is just 2 lanes cut through a young, I imagine replanted, future forest. Then the rains and cold winds start. Light at first, I wait it out. Then more and more severe. I break out the rain gear and press on. There is nothing but miles and miles of just about straight. I see a sign for a food/gas stop. I pull in and a sign on the gas pump says 'Sorry, out of gas, next gas North 125 miles.' I decide to refill my tank with my spare fuel while I'm stopped. It takes it all. I press on in the rain until I get to Ft. Nelson. I refill a the first gas station and do the calculations...I figure I would have been about 20 miles short of town if I had not gotten the extra gas (running at the ad hoc average speed limit of 128km/hr).

By now it had stopped raining and I looked for a car wash...they JUST closed. I move on the a local campground pub and get some breakfast---it was too late for breakfast this morning by the time I finally found a town. Met some local bikers there and was advised NOT to wash my bike till I get to Watsons Creek, tomorrows destination. Seems that there is more construction North of here that will just mess me up again. Thanks guys for the beware of wildlife cautions and the road construction notice. More fantastic people that you can meet 'On the road.'

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Riding time: 9 hours 49 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 426 miles,
    Total   = 5,031 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 32.2
Average Price/Gallon: $2.96 (Premium Grade)
2009_07_03/IMG_2137 One last view, looking back, at McLeod Lake.
2009_07_03/IMG_2138 I stopped just up the road from the Whiskers Point Campground in Mackenzie, BC to get coffee and fuel (order is my personal preference). There I met Dell Myers. Dell is a Honda Goldwing rider and is retired from a local industry. He works part time at the General Store to keep socially active. Dell told me that the big Canadian comapnies treat the workers the same as in the US. He mentioned that a wood mill declared a temporary plant shutdown to keep employees vested benefits in limbo rather than actually admitting that the plant was a bust and having to pay out. It's been this way for over a year and a half. we both agree that there needs to be a firm break between big business and politics---now how to make that happen...
2009_07_03/IMG_2139sm.JPG 2009_07_03/IMG_2141.JPG
First moose sighting
2009_07_03/IMG_2142.JPG 2009_07_03/IMG_2143.JPG
Just past Hudson's Hope, I stopped for a view of the valley at the rest area/scenic overlood. There is ongoing contravercy about flooding this valley for another dam.

Here I met Keith, Woodie, and 'Captain' Keith, 3 pals who have just gotten together for their annual blowout in the country, with fishing and partying on the agenda. I think the fish will be safe this year. Thanks guys for the stories and hospitality, I look forward to getting an email from you letting me know how the weekend went.
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