Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Eighteen

Fort Nelson, BC to Watson Lake Campground, YT
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Got up, not too early, bed sleeping is good. Weather report spotty showers, of which I saw some. The road conditions varied dramatically from very good pavement, to dusty gravel. All in all the ride was fairly routine. I was just interested in getting from A-to-B. Saw LOTS of wildlife, Caribou, Moose, Buffalo, Bear, Eagles, and even Mosquitoes. Gas stops were infrequent, and some were even closed or out of gas. I carried the spare tank, but did not need it. Stopping at each open gas stop and topping off. When I got to Watson Lake, I went right to the Regional Campground, secured a spot for $12, which included wood. Unfortunately, the wood did not include kindling, but I was able to find enough near the campsite to get the fire going without having to resort to NJ Boy Scout firestarter, GASOLINE. It stayed light till midnight, when I slid away from the campfire and into the sack. It was 60+ degrees so sleeping was grand.

2009_07_04/day-18e.jpg 2009_07_04e/day-18.jpg
Riding time: 8 hours +/-00 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 325 miles,
    Total   = 5,356 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 32.0
Average Price/Gallon: US$5.10 (Premium Grade)
Starting dirty but rain/bad roads ahead.
A ride thru the wilderness under gathering clouds


Stopped here for gas and coffee
'World Famous' hat collection adornes ceiling (last count=7,639)
2009_07_04/IMG_2151sm.JPG I also met Jon Kuritsky and Diana Bletter at the Toad River Lodge. They are recent 'Empty Nesters' from Long Island, NY and are on their own adventure into upper Alaska, Fairbanks and vicinity. They started shortly after I did and came across lower Canada. Best Wishes to you both for a safe and rewarding ride together.
And this is a Major Highway!!!
But with more than an occasional good view
More than once, goats in the rode
Buffalo along side the road
I have seen other bear, but they were either too far away or they ran when I stopped.
I learned to kill the engine immediately, coast to a stop, then shoot the pic.
A mirror shot of me riding
Made it to the Yukon Territiry
Another curiosity
Signposts from around the world, count=??? (but large)
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