Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Nineteen

Watson Lake Campground, YT to Whitehorse, YT
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For mismap details, see first pic below. After I finally got started, all was fine. Stopped for gas at most opportunities, as there were more choices not that I was on the actual AL-CAN Highway. Had breakfast in Rancharia which was quite good, and the folks all super friendly. Uneventful ride to Whitehorse. Had some threatening clouds, but for the most part the road seemed to meander thru the blue sky parts. Only caught a couple raindrops here and there. After arriving at Whitehorse, I located the B+B I had reserved. Nobody was home, but a note on the door told me the key was under the plant, my room was on the main floor, and cookies and beverages were all there for me. I unloaded the bike and went to the car wash and a scouting expedition for the Harley location so I can get there promptly in the morning.

After getting a bite and an ice cream at a cool 50's diner, I returned home (The Birch Street B+B) and met my most gracious hostess, Dita. There are two other guests from New Zealand staying at the B+B, John and Barbara. They are on an extended ~4 month holiday and stayed here for 1 week. We got to talking and NZ and they said they were from Blenheim. I said that I stayed in Blenheim once at Rocco's B+B back around 2000. Of course, they know Rocco, almost everyone on the South Island knows of this retired Chef who runs a boutique B+B with only 2 rooms, where he serves up fantastic dishes. It is such a small world, as this trip bears out time and again. Well it's almost midnight again and I need to sign off. Good night to all and tomorrow I return back the the GOOD 'OL USofA. Provided I don't misplace my Passport, ha ha.

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Riding time: 5 hours 48 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 268 miles,
    Total   = 5,657 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 34.3
Average Price/Gallon: US$4.54 (Premium Grade)
2009_07_05/IMG_2165.JPG This is the bike, loaded, AFTER it tipped over. Here's the story. Last night after I unloaded the bike I put a rock under the kickstand because the gravel was somewhat loose. All was fine, the bike stood upright and seemed like an easy load for the next morning as it was almost vertical and the load would be easily centered. Well this morning, without the benefit of any coffee, I first went to load the saddlebags. Unfortunatly, I grabbed the right saddlebag first. I clicked it on and WHAT THE H...Theat extra weight tipped the bike over, almost on me. Well I cussed, and promptly picked the bike back up and dusted myself and my ride off. Damage assessment...The right mirror got knocked off-damaged. Well not so bad in the scheme of things. Fortunatly, I have a service appointment at the Whitehorse Harley dealership for 9am Monday morning and all should be taken care of. Note to self: Don't do thinking tasks before coffee, EVER!
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Make it to my last Yukon destination, YIPEE
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