Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Twenty

Whitehorse, YT to Skagway, AK
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Well today started out with high expectations. I was lucky exough to have called the Harley dealer in Whitehorse days ago and secure a service appointment for 9am. I got up early, had a delightful breakfast that Dita had prepared at the Birch Street B+B and was off to get my ride restored to near perfection. Disheartning events described below. Well anyhow, the bike was all fixed, oiled, and checked. I headed back to the B+B to pack up. I also needed to get to Skagway prior to the Post Office closing, details also below. I didn't feel I had too much extra time to photo the pass and lakes from Whitehorse to Skagway because I was running so late. Therefore, I just motored thru to the US Border crossing, only to find out that Alaska is another time zone. I gained an hour but had already passed the sights. Oh well, I am in Skagway, the bike is GREAT again, and I am fed and in a campground right next the the Ferry Pier that I need to be at at 6am. Therefore, I will wrap this days log up and say that all in all, it was still a fine day. Off to Juneau tomorrow to meet my dear spouse and truely wonderful Aunt Celestia from Walnut Creek, CA. Yahoo!!! Goodnight.
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Waiting time: +/- 4 hours
Riding time:  2 hours 3 minutes
... a bad ratio for sure!!!

Actual distance:
    Today = 137 miles,
    Total   = 5,794 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 39.5
Average Price/Gallon: $3.36 (Premium Grade)
2009_07_06/IMG_2173sm.JPG 3:00 PM EDT My bike is still on the lift...getting the slowest oil change in history. I had a service appointment for 9am local and they did not take the bide into the service area until AFTER 10:30, then it was mostly out of sight, but it was still on the lift until 1PM.

I got new mirrors put on and my ride is now back to 100% and running and looking great.
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2009_07_06/IMG_2184sm.JPG 2009_07_06/IMG_2186sm.JPG
Parpon, Ramya, HappyGuy, Cheryl, Ron
First order of business in Skagway was to pick up the tie down straps that I had mailed to myself, General Delivery, so that I could secure the bike in the numerous ferry rides that I was about to embard on. Second order of business was to treat myself to a treat. I stopped by the local Kone Shop and got a really good milkshake. I shared a bench outside with these two other couples. They were visiting for the day from Whitehorse. Ron used to work in Skagway for several years and new the town very well. I asked for a dinner recommendation and was given two choices down by the wharf.

Later in the afternoon, I check out the menus of the two restaurants and decide on the Stowaway. I returned to my campground to finish setting up and to download my pics and GPS data and to wait for the tourist boats to honk their passengers on board. Around 7pm local, I wander over to the Stowaway and their are my new friends just about to leave after having had their dinners their. Again I ask Ron for meal suggestions and he tells me that the Thai Rockfish is very spicy and well done. I go with this selection after I get seated and indeed it is very good. Thanks to you all for letting me share my stories with you. I believe that neither of these couples have a computer, but if Cheryl checks this site at work, please pass on my thanks to the others. It was VERY nice meeting you all. Drop me an email if you can.
My campsite at Skagway
My view over dinner in Skagway
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