Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Twenty-One

Skagway, AK to Juneau, AK
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Another beautiful day in Alaska. The weather continues unseasonalby warm, which was quite fine with me. I was asked by some native women 'How can you be wearing that leather coat?' , they were in their bathing suits, in the shade. They more or less understood when I told them that I was from Washington, DC.

The ride was quite beautiful and there was a Forest Service representative on board giving interesting lectures about the galciers, etc. Seems that the FS hires college students during the summer and has them on (almost) all the boats. What a great service to the travellers AND to the students.

At the Skagway Campground
taken by my neighbors, 4 travelling college students
Loaded and waiting to board the Ferry to Juneau
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Tying the bike into the ferry is the riders responsibility...Better get in done right!
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This is a new friend, Howard Sisson (a fellow photography enthuiast)
Howard lives in British Columbia and is out for a week or so ride.
He got off at Haines, AK and is riding back to Whitehorse, YT and then
reversing my ride to bring in on back home to BC.

The best of rides Howard, it was VERY nice meeting you and sharing stories.
The Glacial silt (fresh water) resists mixing with the salt water
It is as dramatic as oil and vinegar
A lovely (lonely) lighthouse in the middle of the sound
Spare rope, ready and waiting
Aunt Celestia and Claudia with a Totem Pole
in front of the Governor's House, Juneau
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