Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Twenty-Eight

Wrangell, AK
July 14, 2009 Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory leftArrowSmall.jpg rightArrowSmall.jpg home.gif

Anan Creek, located 30 miles southeast of Wrangell, supports one of the largest pink salmon runs in Southeast Alaska. A wide variety of fish-eating animals are attracted to the seasonal abundance. Here, visitors may see black and brown bears, bald eagles, and sea lions. Anan is accessible only by floatplane or boat. It features a 1/2 mile long boardwalk and observation platform with a covered shelter.

The Forest Service built an observatory at the falls so that people may view feeding bears in relative safety and comfort. The observatory is accessed by a scenic boardwalk trail that begins at the mouth of Anan Lagoon. It is a moderately easy half mile hike along the shores of the lagoon and creek to the observatory. This hike does require climbing over rocks near the beach.

Black bears are the main wildlife attraction at Anan. Black bears use the entire Anan drainage, but are most commonly seen at the falls near the observatory where they tend to congregate due to the large number of salmon. During the salmon run, from late June to late August, visitors may also see brown bears, bald eagles, several species of gulls, and harbor seals in the area.

The Captain and passengers, off to the Bear Observatory
(about a 2 hour boat ride from Wrangell)

And now for the bears
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20090712/_B7K3095x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3106x.JPG
20090712/_B7K3115x.JPG20090712/_B7K3117x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3118x.JPG20090712/_B7K3119x.JPG
20090712/_B7K3139x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3172x.JPG
20090712/_B7K3180x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3182x.JPG
20090712/_B7K3185x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3211x.JPG
20090712/_B7K3224x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3267x.JPG
20090712/_B7K3357x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3393x.JPG
A BIG Shake-down
Scavenger (but only after the bear left...)

And now for the eagles
20090712/_B7K3135x.JPG 20090712/_B7K3136x.JPG
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