Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Thirty-Five

Recuperating in Pleasanton, CA
July 21, 2009 leftArrowSmall.jpg rightArrowSmall.jpg home.gif

Getting some rest and attention for me and my bike. Took the bike in for a routine 35K mile service in Walnut Creek, CA. I actually needed another rear tire after 7K miles. The bike is loaded fairly heavy with all my gear and me, and the roads in Canada were very rough which really ate through the drive wheel. But there was nothing major...just a oil change and a complete checkover. I'd say it is back to running 100% A-OK.

The rest of the day I spend catching up from the Alaska, Washington, and Oregon days, which have been published to the site. I had a wonderful time with Paula and David, and they treated my royaly. Many Thanks to you both. So, off to SoCal tomorrow to MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training. I have never done any off road riding, and I thought that it would improve my road riding technique and well as give my a look into the other side of two wheeled travel and entertainment.

No pics today, as about all I did was develop web pages. Till later, bye-bye.

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