Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Thirty-Six

Pleasanton, CA to Temecula, CA
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Got up, had breakfast and packed all my stuff on the to bike AGAIN and headed off to SoCal (Southern California). Just before I got on I-5 South I grabbed a cup of Starbucks and contenplated the long 400 or so miles down the Freeway. The weather was clear and warming up fast, so I ditched my light jacket, put on the SPF-45, and went with just a Tshirt. The ride was uneventfull and traffic was relatively light. Mostly trucks hauling our freight. When I got down near LA I remembered my last time over the Grapevine in my 1969 Triumph Spitfire. It was a hot day like today and it overheated making the grade. Not so with the Harley, I just cruised at the speed limit +5 and watched others fall by the wayside, both cars and trucks.

I had been heading toward Barona (between Lakeside and Ramona), but while gassing in Lake Elsinore I decided to call Gary LaPlante of Motoventures and confirm the location and get info on camping, etc. Lucky for me since he had moved the training from Barona to Temecula. Turns out that Temecula is only one (or two) exits away from where I was, so this call saved me from having to backtrack at all. Gary told me that there was a campground outside Temecula on the way to his place, and that is where I headed.

This was a get from-here-to-there riding day and I only took pictures at the campground, before and after camp setup. Guarantee, more pics coming soon as I get into other activities.

elevation.jpg map.jpg
Riding time: 9 hours 23 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 414 miles,
    Total   = 7,699miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 39.6
Average Price/Gallon: $3.12 (Premium Grade)
This will be home for three days!!!
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