Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Thirty-Nine

Temecula, CA to Mt. Carmel, UT
July 25, 2009 Zion National Park leftArrowSmall.jpg rightArrowSmall.jpg home.gif

Today was another get from here to there day, I thought. The trip up through Las Vegas was just a run through the desert, but I got rained on going through Vegas. Not enought to require rain gear, just annoying. It was hot enough that any drops that hit me soon evaporated. I did not stop in Vegas, but was surprised at how the Interstate runs right thru town. Last time I was there in the 60s, you actually rode down the main strip. I thought that these BIG casinos were more spaced out. It really looked weird to see the Pyramid adjacent to a Disneyland, right next to the Belagio. No zoning codes in this town.

After Vegas, I ran thru a piece of Arizona prior to reaching Utah. I headed right for the South-West Enterance to Zion. Flashed my Senior Pass and saved $25.00. I just rode thru the park to scope the size and sights. You have to take the free (once your in) shuttle bus into Zion Canyon, but there was pleanty of beautiful rock formations to view from the only road thru the park. I just took a few pics and left the rest for tomorrow when I will spent the day in the park.

Now just to get to my motel, take a shower, and get some dinner. A real bed will be nice after 3 days in the hot SoCal campground.

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Riding time: 10 hours 24 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 474 miles,
    Total   = 8,316 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 39.3
Average Price/Gallon: $3.11 (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date: $756.41     New Item
Threatening clouds and a straight road forever...
fortunately no rain on me!
2009_07_25/IMG_2386x.JPG 2009_07_25/IMG_2388x.JPG
Part of Virgin River Canyon, AZ

Stopped to remove light jacket and check load
2009_07_25/IMG_2395x.JPG 2009_07_25/IMG_2396x.JPG
2009_07_25/IMG_2397x.JPG 2009_07_25/IMG_2398x.JPG
2009_07_25/IMG_2401x.JPG 2009_07_25/IMG_2402x.JPG
A bunch of Long Horn Sheep grazing
2009_07_25/IMG_2413x.JPG 2009_07_25/IMG_2414x.JPG
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