Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Forty-Four

Tuba City (Navajo Nation), AZ to Flagstaff, AZ
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The day started out rather nice. I started south for what was planned as a 1-1/2 hour ride to Flagstaff. As I progressed, there were dark clouds forming in front of me. I saw numerous lightning bolts in my path, so I pulled over to the side of the road and called home for a weather update. This storm really came up all of a sudden. Claudia checked the NOAA radar map and it showed several cells of activity between my location outside Cameron, AZ and Flagstaff. I waited about 45 minutes and then could barely see the mountains in the southern distance. I called Mike, my Air Force roommate in 1969, whom I was to visit in Flagsaff, told me that there was a good restaurant in Cameron, so I decided the worst was over and I made a dash for town. I got to Cameron, got a cup of coffee and checked out the skies---Getting darker again. As the rain started, I pulled my bike into the gas station (under the awning) and filled up, with about 1/2 gal of fuel, and waited out the lastest storm.

While waiting I met several interesting folks, see below.

While in Flagstaff, Mike and I had hours to chat about old times, eat a few good meals, and I got some time to relax. Thanks to Mike and Wanda for their generous hospitality and I hope your upcoming trip to Tahiti is as wonderful as it sounded. Keep in touch Mike, and take care.

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Riding time: 3 hours 3 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 74 miles,
    Total   = 9,437 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 37.3
Average Price/Gallon: $2.91 (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date:  $834.69
This is Bernd and Nicole Wittke with their (almost) identical 2003 Anniversary V-Rods...very nice rides indeed!
They were riding from Onterio and enjoying the American Southwest, as I was. Best wishes and safe riding.
Very nice to meet you both as we waited of the storms.
...and their coordinated plates
are just a great touch.
While I was in the gas station getting my receipt, my bike was being admired by a fellow traveler.
As I came back to the bike, Dr. Sasa Leskovsek, with his family from Slovenia, said his daughter was smitten with my bike.
I invited her to sit for a pic and she jumped right on.
Maja has to be the cutest future Harley rider I can imagine.
It was so very nice to meet you and I'm so glad you are having an enjoyable visit to the USA.
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