Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Forty-Five & Six

Flagstaff, AZ to Sandia Park, NM
July 31 & August 01, 2009 leftArrowSmall.jpg rightArrowSmall.jpg home.gif

I had an easy ride in the sun from Flagstaff to almost Albuquerque...then up comes the storm clouds AGAIN. I stopped just west of Albuquerque and donned my rain gear. It never rained hard, just that annoying sprinkle that is just gets the bike covered with road dirt---drat. Well I arrive at long time friends Don and Jean Jones new house, almost at the predicted time. If you followed my 2006 Big Ride, you will recall that they lived in Tuscon then. But with the arrival of two grand children here in Sandia Park, they have relocated here across the street from David and Linda and the 2 kids.

I had a wonderful visit, thanks so much for everything, and also the opportunity to purchase some of Jeans' fantastic artwork for Claudia's birthday.

Don and I mostly hung out while Jean participated in a Art Fair a few towns away. We all got up early on Saturday to go set up the tent and get ready for the event. A pic below shows how lovely Jean's creations are, and ready for purchase.

elevation.jpg map.jpg
Riding time: 5 hours 38 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 339 miles,
    Total   = 9,776 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 43.0
Average Price/Gallon: $2.86 (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date:  $857.27
I'm READY to be Enchanted...

And bring on the Chiles Rellenos

Jean Jones' wares, ready for purchase
lovely and attractively priced
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