Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Forty-Eight

Santa Fe, NM to Henryetta, OK
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I am in the Home stretch...not much, if any, sightseeing to be done. I launched out of Santa Fe aiming for Oklahoma City. All I did during the day was gas and go. The weather was fair, even a little bit on the cool side at freeway speeds. I ran all day with little break, so I stopped in Oklahoma City at a IHOP and used their Wi-Fi to update the site. After dinner and a few hours of web building, I headed out looking for a site to camp out. A kind waitress offered up some camping sites, but those were outside of my desired path toward home. I jumped onto I-40 and headed east. The first rest area was massively lighted so I kept on riding. Reinforced by a lot of ice tea at the IHOP, I rode for another hour to the next rest area. There, many truckers were sleeping in idleing trucks, but in the middle of the area was a wooded picnic area where I set up the tent.

An aside story: As I was finishing the tent setup, I heard someone coming thru the woods. A voice says 'hello there,' and I, wearing my headlight, turn an see a guy coming holding a knike. Seems he got out of his semi and another truck was coming by so he shut the door---and locked it. He tried jimmying the lock without success, and was asking if I has any tools. I got out my handy dandy all-in-one tool device and we headed towards his locked, idleing truck. My plyers, rasp, screwdriver were all of no use, so we walked around looking for a rock to break the small vent window. Eventually, we found a 10 foot branch that he took an smashed out the window. I helped him boost up to be able to reach in and get the main window open, then it was easy to unlock the door. He thanked me heartly and moved on further down into the rest area. I went back to the tent and had a good night sleep, even though the weather was still warm and humid.

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Riding time: 14 hours 20 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 541 miles,
    Total   = 10,399 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 44.3
Average Price/Gallon: $2.72 (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date:  $828.81
Moving through the states
A fairly agressive distance at this point in the journey

My campsite in the picnic area
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