Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Fifty (That's 50 days...WOW)

Sikeston, MO to Winchester, KY
Aug 05, 2009 Dedicated to Otis Rushing leftArrowSmall.jpg rightArrowSmall.jpg home.gif

I included Chaffee, MO into my route to pay my respects to a former co-worker at ARGOSystems (Boeing) in Hanover, MD years ago. Otis was a good programmer/mathematician and was very dear to a close friend of mine. I was fortunate enough to have found his marker in the Union Park Cemetery and thereby was able to pass on heartfelt prayers over his gravesite.

After leaving the cemetery, I headed east into the bright midday sun. It was a beautiful day with a chill in the air---good riding with a light denim jacket.

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Riding time: 9 hours 04 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 446 miles,
    Total   = 11,434 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 40.6
Average Price/Gallon: $2.89 (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date:  $966.37
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