Ted's Big Ride 2009---Day Nine

Yellowstone NP, WY to Butte, MT
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Today was my last day in Yellowstone. I did the Old Faithful loop and watched the grand geyser do it's thing. I do remember being here in the late 60's when I was passing thru on my way the California (Air Force assignment). Funny thing is, it was EXACTLY the same as my memory image. I guess geysers just do what they do. I finished the lower loop and returned to Canyon Village. Seems that I did forget one item, the charger for my hip camera. Claudia expressed mailed me the charger as well as ski under and outer wear in case I run into more real cold sleeping/riding weather up in Northern Canada. The box arrived on time, general delivery, and I then pressed on toward Upper Montana. This slight delay in leaving Yellowstone caused to the stop early in Butte, MT where Claudia reserved a room for me in a 'motel.' Nuff said. At least my room had wi-fi and I was able to get some pages updates for your viewing pleasure.

2009_06_25/day-09e.jpg 2009_06_25/day-09.jpg
Riding time: 10 hours 52 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 306 miles,
    Total   = 3,107 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 36.7
Average Price/Gallon: $3.00 (Premium Grade)
1:02 PM Two views at the Artists' Paintpots
1:12 PM On the way to Old Faithful
2009_06_25/IMG_1965.JPG 2:03 PM A smaller herd of bison.
2009_06_25/IMG_1966.JPG 3:04:08 PM Old Faithful performs yet again (more or less) on time.
2009_06_25/IMG_1967.JPG 3:42 PM Passing back over the Continental Divide. I have done this at least 4 time so far. The North America continent seems to be divided into many pieces.
2009_06_25/IMG_1968.JPG 4:50:34 PM I see this carabou in the field. I stop and creep down into the field and hide behind a tree. I crouch very low and small and wait. He continues grazing and coming in my direction. I wait...he keeps coming. The following shot is one of many I took as he grazed right by me. Within feet. ENJOY!!!
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