Ted's Big Perimeter Ride 2014---Day 1

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As usual, I didn't get off as early as I thought I might. Spent the morning getting all my belongings packed and fastened to the bike. An unfortunate happening---While getting gas in Newark, MD, I forgot to get my ear plugs back in. This I realized 9 miles down the road. I did go back, looking all the way to the station, and of course, the plugs were not there. I then rode the route back at less than 20 mph hoping beyond hope that I might see them in the road or along side. NO SUCH LUCK. Now I am trying to see if I can have another set make from the molds I had made 2+ years ago. News at 11. Well, its 1:15am and I am calling it quits. The last hour today was in the rain and that is not quite so much fun.

Riding time: 8 hours 33 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 240 miles,
    Total   = 240 miles
Average Miles/Gallon: 40.5
Average Price/Gallon: $4.01 (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date:  $19.45
./images/IMG_0360.JPG 12:38 PM Ready to roll. Leaving Home.
./images/IMG_0282.JPG I got about 5 miles from home on the Washington Beltway and I noticed that the gasket between the console and the gas tank had come loose. I quickly decided to change my route to the Bay Bridge so that I could stop at a favorite bike shop (C&C Cycles in Severn, MD) and let Roy fix it with readily available tools. This was good and allowed me to say goodbye to Roy, Margret, and Larry.
./images/IMG_0283.JPG After the Bay Bridge, I stopped by to see two of my friends on Kent Island. This is Arni Merrell in front of the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. I saw Pete at his house but forgot to snap a pic. Sorry Pete, but thanks for the soda.
./images/IMG_0285.JPG 4:00 PM Leaving Maryland and Entering Delaware on my way to Rehoboth Beach.
./images/IMG_0286.JPG 4:30 PM Got some gas and enjoyed the soda from Pete Merrell.
./images/IMG_0287.JPG 5:29 PM Passing by Rehoboth Beach
./images/IMG_0288.JPG 5:33 pm This is the Eastern-most 'old' highway running North/South of the US. I will be on/off this road for days to come.
./images/IMG_0289.JPG 5:38 pm Must watch out, although I did not see any...too bad.
./images/IMG_0291.JPG 5:43 pm A beautiful new bridge by Santiago Calatrava Valls.
./images/IMG_0292.JPG 5:59 pm Back to Maryland.
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