Ted's Big Perimeter Ride 2014---Day 4

Remaining in Leland, NC
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I got up early this morning, got cleaned up, dressed, and went to the breakfast buffet . When I returned to the room I pulled up the NOAA weather map and saw that there was a high probability of more HEAVY RAIN here in Leland. The sky outside was quite overcast but it wasn't raining. I checked for the forcast at Myrtle Beach, SC and it was the same, but slightly later in the day. Bummer, what to do! Since my rain gear was not thoroughly dried out from the night before, I made the command decision to just stay put and skip a day of advancement. There is no benefit to plodding through when the weather is bad because you can't see and enjoy the surrounding area.

So---here I am, updating the site, watching TV, and drying out all my gear---AND, it has yet to rain. A plea to NOAA, please try to get it right for the next few months.

Hopefully you will notice some changes to the website format. I removed elevation data (it made more sense on prior trip where there really were elevation changes). The Perimeter Ride home page now shows a progress map to put each day's progress into the overall trip context. Daily maps are more consistant. If anyone has any other suggestions for a better experience, please drop me an email.

Tomorrow I am leaving early for a nice long ride.

Riding time: 0 minutes (except shopping)

Actual distance:
    Today = 0 miles,
    Total   = 519 miles
Average Miles/Gallon for trip: 41.8
Average Price/Gallon for day:  N/A (Premium Grade)

Gas Used to Date:  $70.37
Drying out Day
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