Ted's Big Perimeter Ride 2014---Day 9

Pompano Beach, FL to Key West, FL
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Mostly uneventful ride from Pompano Beach to the Keys using the Florida Turnpike. I purchased a SunPass ($5.45) at the first visitor center in FL. The brochure champions it's use and after purchasing it the description warns the it may not work for motorcycles. I registered the device to get my tag into the system and loaded the account with $10. Checking the SunPass website reveals that no toll charges have been regestered. Yesterday I send an email to their Customer Service asking if all is OK? To date no reply.

The ride across the keys varies from gorgeous beaches and water to scrub flora and bridges and causeways. There were several state parks along the way. I stopped at the first one to see about a day pass---the concept eludes them as they want to charge entry fees at each one - even if you just want to have a look about. I decided to pass!

So, made it safely to Key West, NICE! I am spending 3 nights here at the beautiful 'The Inn at Key West' where my sweetie back home in DC made my reservations (wish she was here, too!).

I promise to add pics and catch up on the commentary tomorrow, as well as exploring the funky KW town.

Riding time: 7 hours 22 minutes

Actual distance:
    Today = 228 miles,
    Total   = 1,840 miles

Average Miles/Gallon for trip: 41.5
Average Price/Gallon for day:  $4.00 (Premium Grade)
    (Florida is the highest to date)

Gas Used to Date:  $169.77

10:12 AM - Talk about a niche market
Seen in South Miami
12:11 AM - Making progress, the end is in sight
12:30 PM - Arrived at the first Key
1:11 PM - Had a delighful Blackened Fish Caesar Salad at Mrs. Mac's Kitchen, Key Largo
1:43 PM - Some funky wall art behind Mrs. Mac's Kitchen
2:16 PM - Beautiful water views
2:19 PM - Lovely foliage alonside the road
2:49 PM - I took a ride off Rt. 1 to look about.
2:55 PM - Just a gorgeous tree on Duck Key
3:42 PM - More great water views
4:06 PM - On Key Dear Key (of course)
./IMG_0407-c.JPG 4:14 PM - I was trying to find the National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. There were these signs, on both sides of the road. They pointed into a strip mall. I cruised thru 3 times looking and confirmed that it just was NOT there. Moving on.
4:50 PM - Arrived on Key West.
Next - looking for 'The Inn on Key West'.
My lanai at the Inn, Very Nice, thank you Claudia.
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