Ted's Big Perimeter Ride 2014---Day 10 and 11

Staying in Key West, FL
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This afternoon while sightseeing in downtown Key West, I was backing the bike into a parking spot when my foot slipped on some rain water and oil and the bike tipped over on top of me. I have some serious foot bruising, a deeply skinned elbow, and some swelling in my left hand. Thinking about the past week, I have come to realize that with the relentlessly lousy weather plaguing me and this fall, I have not been having fun. The fall tipped the scale and made me feel depressed. Therefore, I am calling this trip off and heading directly home tomorrow, expecting to be home Sunday. I am physically all right, just really bummed out.

I did get to the Harley store and got a nice T-shirt and some gloves that will enable me to use the touch-screen on my phone while gloved.

4:36 PM - At the marker designating the Southernmost point of the USofA.

There was quite a queue to use this photo-op.

A view down Duval Street
Hen with chicks wandering downtown
Back at the Inn, a very nice pool
Raindrops glistening on the wicker surround

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