Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 03

Today was a very tough day. A breakdown on the Interstate followed by hours of uncertainty regarding the outcome.

This was the day I planned to get out to the end of Cape Cod and photograph the lighthouse; sorry Arni, that didn't happen. Anyway, after the breakdown and repair (detailed below), I re-gained my enthusiasm and pressed on. During the repair process I called home to share my (almost) despair and was (of course) given a fresh breath of life from my FABLUOUS spouse Claudia. Getting to Maine was an important milestone (for me) and a good dinner and a motel really put me back on track. So folks, let's see what's in store for the future segments of the BigRide...

    Today = 182 miles,
    Total   = 662 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 11 Hours, 31 Min,
    Total   = 22 Hours, 29 Min
9:04 AM - Ready to leave Mystic,CT
10:06 AM - Entering the next state.
12:06 PM - Riding has stopped...thumbs DOWN.
12:58 PM I'm in the towtruck and my baby is lashed down out back.

While riding down I-95, suddenly, without warning, the engine stopped. Fortunately, I was able to weave my way thru traffic and get to the right shoulder.

I looked the bike over and could not find anything obvious. Oh YES, I did have gas in the tank.

I decided to call for the Roadside Assistance that I have included with my insurance company, Progressive. They were prompt and ever so helpful. They called the nearest Harley dealer (3 miles away) and determined that they would not help me today. Progressive then called another dealer about 15 minutes away and secured me an immediate emergency service appointment.

1:30 - At the shop I had to completely unload the luggage so the technicians could get to the Engine computer. (I have LOTS of bags and other support materials - sleeping bags, tent, etc. - lashed to the bike.) Shortening the long, arduous afternoon of anxiety, simply... There was a bad electrical relay that, among other things, controls the fuel pump. Therefore, I technically DID run out of gas...to the engine at least.

BOTTOM LINE: Relay $5.08, time to isolate and replace the relay $336.00. Thank you Jay for getting me back on the road...

It was now 6pm and I needed to reload the bike while the sky was darkening in the west. I decided that it was not to my advantage to head out onto Cape Cod now, so I set my sights on Maine and a seafood meal to raise my spirits. (Rainstorm encountered around Boston.)

During dinner I called my wonderful spouse, Claudia, and she volunteered to find me a motel. After dinner I rode to a Best Western 5 miles up Rt 1. Thankfully, the end of a stressful day.

8:36 PM - Having a wonderful Clam Basket dinner at
Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, Maine

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