Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 09

This morning I got up early to catch the 8am ferry to Nova Scotia. There is a funny fee schedule, Motorcycle=C$55.00 and Rider=C$35.00...like it's tough to have one without the other! Oh, but I got the 10% senior discount. :-)

The timing was such that my crossing was at near low tide. The ride was very smooth and 1/2 hours shorter than advertised. Once off the ferry, I headed to Yarmouth under generally cloudy skies. After Yarmouth, a new front must have rolled in. Sumewhere near Brunswick, I had to turn back and look for shelter. It was raining so hard that visability was near zero. I found a gas station while looking for a hotel. While gassing, getting a hot cup of coffee, and fretting; the heavy rain lifted. I decided to press on and try to make it to Halifax. The weather mostly cleared and I soldiered on.

Upon arriving in downtown Halifax, I pulled out my phone and started calling places trying to score a last minute room. During this process of calling various hotels and plotting where they were, I got out of sync...I booked a room at the Atlantis and went back to Maps for directions. Problem is that the last address in the directions was to the prior hotel. I drove there, across a toll bridge (without a Loonie to my name), ran through the "E-ZPass" lane. Then when I got to the wrong hotel, I had to reverse my journey (of course) back over the bridge to the correct address. Oh well, if they want to track me down for C$2.00 Loonies (US$1.5) I guess they can try.

Anyhow, I got to the hotel and changed from my wet clothes, took a hot shower, and went to the restaurnt for dinner. No time to update the site.

    Today = 332 miles,
    Total   = 1,554 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 12-Hours, 10-Min,
    Total   = 2-Days, 3-Hours, 38-Min
6:26am - Just rolled out of the accommodations.
7:10am - All packed & ready to catch the Ferry.
Safely tied into the ferry. I brought my own tie-downs, but they they were provided to those without. I talked to the other riders while we were settling the bikes, but lost touch with them once we all went upstairs on this big boat.
Getting my morning Starbucks and a 'healthy' breakfast.
There was quite dense fog on the bay limiting observation.
Arriving in Nova Scotia
Riding away from the Ferry Terminal, I saw lots of fish farming.
A view of the Bay of Fundy at low tide
My first stop in Nova Scotia - I had an Oreo Blizzard for lunch.
I guess this offsets my ultra-healthy breakfast. :-( images/9-9.JPG
My first view of the Hampton Lighthouse
A closer look
Such colorful signage here in NS
Yes, I can take a few minutes to appreciate the flowers.
One of the many Victorian houses scattered throughout Yarmouth.
A little bog humor along the coastal route to Halifax. They aren't pretty and I don't exactly understand what they represent, but they welcomed me and wished me well so I wanted to remember them.
Sandy Point Lighthouse
The coastal 'Lighthouse' route, I'm sure I missed some as the weather turned lousy.
The Sandy Point Lighthouse has been a beacon to all those who traveled by water up the Shelburne Harbour. Even today, incoming fisherman say they feel safer once they see the light.

The tower is wooden, 13.4 meters above sea level with a fixed, flashing, red light which is visible for 17 kilometers. The present wooden structure was built in 1873 on a pier. It was relocated to a new foundation about 15 meters to the north around 1903.
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