Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 10

This day was a really long one. I got on the road at noon after the complementary breakfast. It was raining and I was glad that I could load the bike under the portico of the hotel. I did manage to get an ATM to render me some cash, so now I had a Loonie (Canadian $1 coin) for the bridge. I justify that since I crossed the bridge twice yesterday in under 10 minutes, that that constituted an UNDO operation, so no toll ws really due.
I was totally drenched upon arrival...7 hours from Halifx in lot's of rain wore me out. I inquired about staying an extra day to dry out (again), but there were no vacancies to be had. Another night where I was just too tired to do more that update the web splash page.

After having two rather wet days and not being able to update the site, I secured a Comfort Inn room in Sydney for two nights. Updating delayed once again.

    Today = 181 miles,
    Total   = 1,735 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 9-Hours, 36-Min,
    Total   = 2-Days, 13-Hours, 14-Min
12:01pm - Leaving the Atlantica Hotel in downtown Halifax.
Very nice location, but hotel services were sub-par.images/10-1.jpeg
1:07pm - I know that there must be infinite points on the Earth with this claim, but Stewiacke makes the most of it.
4:59pm - After getting drenched (again) I really needed a rest and a hot cup of coffee.
7:36pm - Arrived at the Heritage House B&B in Louisbourg. images/10-4.jpeg
8:16pm - Arriving for dinner. Had a very nice fish chowder.
A view of the North Atlantic from the restaurant
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