Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 11

Today was a leasurely ride up the North East shore path. At 8am I went over to the complimentary breakfast...WHAT A TREAT! They were serving Pop-Overs loaded with fresh fruit, and WOW were they good. I went back to my room and began the routine of loading all cargo onto the bike. The forcast and actual weather aligned as the skies were partially cloudy and 'somewhat' bright for a change. I felt lucky and did not bother putting the plastic cover over the cargo as I have had to do in the past.

(NOTE to my previous trip followers) This year the weather has given me some fits and starts like last year, but this year I MUST keep going so I can meet my Wonderful Spouse in New Mexico in late August. NO QUITTING FOR ME...Anyhow, I do hope to have some dry and warm weather later in this journey.

    Today = 59 miles,
    Total   = 1,794 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 4-Hours, 28-Min,
    Total   = 2-Days, 17-Hours, 42-Min
Just about ready to leave the B&B
View from the old Louisbourg Fort area
The Marconi Trail is a scenic roadway in Nova Scotia that runs approximately 70 km along Route 255 from Louisbourg to Glace Bay along the island's eastern coast. It recognizes the rocky coast specifically chosen in 1902 where Guglielmo Marconi successfully sent radio waves across the Atlantic from Glace Bay and Port Morien to Cornwall England, and initiated the age of global communications. Wikipedia
The charming little port/town of Main-a-Dieu; it is the most easterly community in Nova Scotia.

Just another peaceful view...notice partial blue sky.
Fort Louisbourg Lighthouse
The sky is trying to be kind...
A wary crow watching the Harbor.
Selfie riding up the Marconi Trail
Finally settled into the Comfort Inn in Sydney. Doing laundry and these web updates.
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