Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 13

Before leaving Sydney, my wonderful spouse suggested I find the world's largest fiddle downtown near the port. Sure enough, there's a very large fiddle there. I continued my ride South, stopping for gas and meeting a local young woman selling a car-cleaning product. When I got to the ferry there was only one other motorcycle in line. A beautiful Indian, more on that later.

The ferry crossing was free going to the Island, but you pay to leave the Island by either ferry or the bridge. The ride across was very smooth, and there was good WiFi so I could call home with Skype to check in with my Sweetie.

I decided upon leaving the ferry to go to Montague, a town that was recommended by the new Aussie friends, JD and Claire, from yesterday. Turned out to be a good choice, good food and ample accommodations. That's about it for tonight!

    Today = 218 miles,
    Total   = 2,294 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 9-Hours, 00-Min,
    Total   = 3-Days, 13-Hours, 35-Min
The Port of Sydney is home to the world's largest fiddle; the iconic fiddle and bow reach 60 feet in height! Also home of North America's only living Celtic culture, residents felt the fiddle was a strong symbol to represent Cape Breton Island.
It is made of solid steel, weighs ten tons, and was unveiled in January of 2005. Officially named FIDHEAL MHOR A’ CEILIDH, or the Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh, the giant fiddle plays a dedicated medley composed by local musician Kinnon Beaton and amuses all who hear it with a march, a stratespey and a reel. (Strathspey refers both to the type of tune and to the type of dance usually done to it.) Click here for a windy youtube video of one song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-NB4v-nod8.
Melissa cleaned up my bike and helmet. What a charming and friendly young woman. Many Thanks!
This is Alan and his Beautiful Indian Motorcycle; Alan was in front of me for the ferry crossing. Earlier in his life he lived on Cape Breton, but now lives/works above the Artic Circle. I could not do that!
Alan and his lovely spouse, Ester, with the Wood Islands Lighthouse in the distance.
This is how you tie down the bikes on the ferry.
Leaving the Nova Scotia harbor for PEI.
First glance at PEI
Charmingly attractive Island
Slowly nearing the dock, really churns up the water.
The harbor at Montague
Birds of a Feather sculpture watching over the harbor. An iconic symbol of shore birds, the double crested cormorant makes its living from the land and sea. The 3 birds represent the Three Rivers ecosystem that forms the community.
images/1810.JPG This is one I've never seen before, the green ones are round, and the orange ones are diamonds!
I imagine when the cold weather hits here, this could be a life saving station for some. Funny though, it was almost a mile outside of town???
Flying kites with the coastal breezes in Lower Montague.
images/1924.JPG Sunset nears in Lower Montague.
images/1928.JPG I snagged the last room at the Small Town Bound B&B. I was going to try camping, but the weather had 60% chance of showers and more importantly - the mosquitoes were getting fierce.
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