Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 16

This was a full day and totally the best adventure day of the trip so far.

I got up quite early this morning in order to catch the 8am Ferry. The crossing took about 90 minutes and was very smooth, so smooth it is not an option to tie down the bikes. During the crossing I met Richard Michaud; he has always been in the motorcycle/automobile professions, and noticed that I obviously looked like a biker in my riding suit. Richard and I yakked for quite a while about motorcycles, cars, politics, how horrible George W. was not only for the US but to other economies as well. Finally, Richard gave me some hints about how to structure my remaining time toward Quebec. Thank you Richard, the ride North to Tadoussac was lovely. However, when I got there, the ferry had just left and I was hungry for breakfast, so I ate and initiated my trip South.

The road from Tadoussac to Quebec is a beautiful and exciting ride. Flanked by the St Lawrence River on one side and the mountains on the other, the ride brings you Quebec at its most sublime. I followed a tour map found online and (as you will see) stopped at numerous points of interest along the way. The day's journey took 12 hours, but it seemed so much shorter.

The day ended in a most delightful manner; while I was having a premium/deluxe dining experience at the Galopin Restaurant, I noticed that the couple sitting at the adjacent table could barely stop holding hands long enough to pick up a fork. It was obvious that these two were young and in love. A time cherished by most of us I hope. As dinner drew to a close, I had a thought to make the evening truly memorable for us all. I asked if they spoke English, yes. I explained that I had noticed their behavior, and I wanted to make the evening a special memory for all by picking up their check, which I did. So, Maëlle Bergeron and Jérémy Martin, thank you for allowing me to end my day with a smile.

Update: Jeremy and Maëlle sent me a link to an article in a Mountain-Biking magazine which mentions our experience. Please scroll down for the article.

    Today = 174 miles,
    Total   = 3,025 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 10-Hours, 33-Min,
    Total   = 4-Days, 16-Hours, 01-Min
Early morning motorcycle queue for the ferry to Saint-Siméon across the St. Lawrence River.
Looking back to the Southern shores.
Richard Michaud and me on the ferry.
View looking North up the St Lawrence River, nice.
My breakfast table view from Baie Ste-Catherine, just before the ferry terminus to Tadoussac.
La Malbaie, formally known as Murray Bay. William Howard Taft, U.S. President from 1909 to 1913, owned a summer residence here. He reportedly said Murray Bay was "as intoxicating as champagne, but without the headache of the morning after."
This is a renowned dance and music academy which hosts an international music festival each summer. The campus is dotted with whimsical sculptures and interesting building architecture.

Everywhere you look you see students carrying their instruments and the sound of music is literally in the air.
Ted and one of the sculptures (one of my least favorite, so I tried to steal the show).
images/16-9.JPG images/16-a.JPG
How is this for an overlook view of the St Lawrence?
I had to try a long range, timer-actuated selfie for this one. Suprisingly, this was the one and only take ;-)
These little huts are spread throughout the campus overlooking the river below. At first, I didn't 'get it', they were almost barren inside; this one on the right did not even have a chair for the desk.

Then I began to correlate the music I was hearing in the distance, to the location of these huts. Sure enough, someone practicing a violin in one; another one further away was a cello. Just a place to get away, in the solitude of the campus, to practice your scales or other compositions. NEAT!
A student looking for a practice hut.
In Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, there is a Paper Economuseum, where craftspeople produce fine cotton paper inlaid with local flower petals. I got the grand tour and was quite impressed with the operation, which is totally organic. Cotton fiber, water, and potato starch for a binder - no hazardous waste possible. Their paper was really top quality and I just had to purchase some of their cards, which they offered to ship home to my US address, complimentary. Thanks for the great tour and your generous hospitality to an already overloaded motorcycle jockey.
The charming building was once a hotel, now the entire operation in housed in one medium-large room, amazing.
Another lovely town in a river valley.
Saint-Anne-de-Beaupre shrine. There was a service going on inside, so no photo-op of the quite nice Rose window.
The wonderful Creme Brulee to follow a great meal at the Galopin Restaurant.
Finally, the couple that made my day end with a big smile; here is Jérémy and Maëlle.
I hope you remain as happy as you obviously were tonight.

Update: Jeremy and Maëlle sent me a link to an article in a Mountain-Biking magazine which mentions our experience. Here's the last paragraph of the article:

"This is a lucky week for cyclist Jeremy Martin from Boischatel who was in town for the Mountain Bike World Cup that is taking place in Mont-Sainte-Anne on August 2nd. Martin was seated on Wednesday in a chic restaurant in Quebec with his lover, skier Maëlle Bergeron. Jeremy and Maëlle noticed a stranger sitting next to them, and when the stranger finished his meal he said that he would pay their bill because they were so in love. His name was Ted Baird, and he was too cute! The American is touring the continent on a motorcycle, and tomorrow he goes cross country toward Montana. Martin will start 73rd alongside Antoine Caron of Stoneham in the Cup race."        

The paragraph was titled L’amour paie le souper (Love pays for dinner).

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