Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 18

I spent the morning updating the website and waiting for the UPS delivery. Their website listed the current status as 'OUT FOR DELIVERY', but who knows what that means to the delivery driver. I was hoping that because this was an international 'next-day' delivery it would be arriving early in the day. No-Such-Luck! Checkout time at the hotel was 12pm, and I asked for an extension till 1pm, no problem. Well, 1pm came before the UPS driver; I had loaded the bike and was ready to go except for the dipstick. I rejoined to the lobby to pass the time.

Sometime during the morning, I noticed a Ducati had been parked behind me, so I kept an eye out for the rider to return. At about 2:30, an obvious biker exits the restaurant, and we recognize each other as bikers immediately. This was Carl, he is a Ducati lover and works with the local Harley dealership, which also represents other makes, including Ducati and BMW. When I told him that I also was the proud owner of a Ducati 1098R Superbike and was a race-track rider, he asked what tracks I ran on. Well, believe it or not, he was very familiar with the tracks I use regularly, like VIR, NJMP, and even Summit Point. WOW!!! Carl gave me his email address, and I gave him my travel card. So, Carl, if you ever can get down to the Washington, DC area; please do contact me for a hometown welcome to Washington, DC.

Now, Carl has left and I'm still hanging in the lobby... ... ...Finally, at about 3:30pm the UPS delivery arrives. I sign for the envelope, open it, and put the dipstick in the Harley, then off in the direction of Montreal.

The afternoon was nice and I rode till just before sunset. I noticed a sign on the highway that there was a park in the town of Sainte-Sophie, ON. I turned off and followed directions to the park. It looked great, picnic tables, clean grassy areas, and a bathroom. I was in heaven. I parked and set up camp immediately. As the sun was setting, I was nestled in my tent when I decided to check check-in with home. After I said goodnight to Claudia, I just happened to scan for WiFi - would you believe that there was a Guest, open WiFi available in the park. WOW, talk about a welcoming town. My hats (and helmets) are off to Sainte-Sophie.

    Today = 170 miles,
    Total   = 3,195 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 4-Hours, 12-Min,
    Total   = 4-Days, 20-Hours, 13-Min
My Harley is all loaded and ready to go---as soon as UPS delivers my original 'oil-stopping dipstick', which was shipped 'Overnight' from Washington, DC on Tuesday (note: it is now Thursday).
This is Carl, the proud owner of the very nice Ducati 899 Panagale parked behind me. Thanks for the chat Carl, hope to meet you again sometime.
The savior dipstick arrives and I'm on my way.
Where I pulled in to set up camp for the night
Minutes before I start...
Minutes after I finish...
Now after I throw all my 'household' into the tent, I have to rely on training I have observed from Irene Simpson (Persuasions), exquisite interior decorating in Virginia, to allocate all my belongings appropriately into the tent. Hee, Hee!
As I was checking into the Motel, the clerk says "I don't usually ask, but I have certain intuitions and I think one of these room numbers would have significance for you - Would you like 105, 109, 111, or 115, as they are all available." I opted of course for 111.
Coincidence, or a mathematical probabilities exercise, I'm not sure. But, here I am with my preferred racing bike number. As seen at the Virginia International Raceway in Fall 2014.
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