Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 19

I got up with the sun around 5:30am, it was a beautiful morning and I was well rested. After breaking camp and backing up the bike I rode a short distance into town and stopped for breakfast. After a OJ, a Western Omelet and multiple cups of coffee, I was ready to make up some of the time lost yesterday.

Overall, I would have to say that it was not a (bad) riding day. There were several periods of dark clouds and slight to medium rain. I am well attired for the weather shifts, and when the sky is questionable, I always keep a lookout at the vehicles coming the other way for telltale wetness and wiper activity.

During the run from St Jerome to Val d'Or, there was a stretch where I was getting anxious about the level of petrol in my tank. I had mentally calculated that I could only make it to about 10km before Val d'Or. Fortunately, I saw a local fishing lodge advertising that they had fuel. I pulled into Dorval Lodge and was greeted by Stephan. He pulled my leg about this was Quebec and the language was French. Turns out that he came here from Huntsville, AL. Joke's on me. He tells me about the Lodge that has been operating, renting Cabins, boats, etc., mainly for the purpose of catching Walleye and Bass. I get my gas, and get on. Many thanks Stephan, I really enjoyed chatting with you.

As I continue toward sunset, rain starts and I decide to forego camping and look for a motel. I find a Comfort Inn in Kirkland Lake, ON. That's my story for tonight, and I shall sign off for now. Tomorrow, I hope to make it mostly to Thunder Bay, ON, which is about 550 miles away. until next time...Cheers!

    Today = 437 miles,
    Total   = 3,632 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 11-Hours, 21-Min,
    Total   = 5-Days, 07-Hours, 34-Min
Daybreak at the GREAT free campsite in Sainte-Sophie, ON
The local breakfast spot. Lots of regulars would arrive, pick up a newspaper, get a cup-a-coffee, breakfast - and leave. All in regular order.
The weathervane is pointing my diretion - West-Southwest.
Although the route is mainly North-West.
A view from the dock at the Dorval Lodge

From the dock I spy many mosquitoes getting ready to launch in search of...me. YIKES, I'm leaving town.

This is Stephan, who saved my bacon by filling my gas tank in the middle of Walleye fishing heaven.
Not all of the TransCanada is in top form, but in general, the roads are excellent.
A town reported to have gold mining underneath that will last another 50 years.
Out of Quebec, and into the next Province.
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