Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 20

The day started out nicely; the weather was pleasant and the traffic was light. About 15 minutes outside of Kirkland Lake, I had my first black bear sighting for this trip. A cub ran across the road in front of me, I guess Mom had crossed prior to my arrival. All too quick to take a photo.

As I was hoping to reach Thunder Bay, or at least get close, I did not stop other than for fuel (me & my bike). I misjudged my fuel situation--when I rode thru Hearst, Ontario and checked my mileage it had only been 60 miles since I filled up and opportunities were quite regular. Little did I know that from Hearst to Long Lake it was 130 miles. Now, as I am riding I start seeing distance signs to Longlac and I start doing the math; OOPS! The range on my bike is 170-180 miles, and that leaves me 10-20 miles short!!! About 25 miles from Longlac I saw a campground and just had to try my luck. They did have fuel, but first the manager said it was illegal to sell to motorists, as the fuel was supposedly for boats... Well, he had on a Harly-Davidson T-shirt so I thought we could work out some kind of deal. I paid an arm-and-a-leg for the gas, but I made it to Longlac.

    Today = 364 miles,
    Total   = 3,996 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 8-Hours, 29-Min,
    Total   = 5-Days, 16-Hours, 03-Min
There are MANY warnings about taking care to avoid these wild animals; they could really spoil your day.
Storms appear magically, in a flash. Some I have 'threaded the needle' and missed. While others I had to drive through.
Throughout all of the provinces, I have seen this wildflower. It's called Fireweed (Chamerion augustiflorium) and is quite lovely when seen en masse, although each individual plant is not as exciting.
Had to stop for the photo op...
In Moonbeam, ON
Smiling again at the campground after getting 10 liters of emergency fuel for US$20+C$5 - that's the only cash combo that I could come up with.
With the current rainy situation and the 3-1/2 hour remaining ride to Thunder Bay, I decided to stop for the day. I had been advised that it is not prudent to drive at night because the moose risk can be severe, and not to camp out because of the concentration of black bears.
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