Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 24

Left Glasgow and continued West on US Route 2. It is a well-paved road and the speed limit is 70 MPH. Most of the drivers do the limit, or even slightly below. I usually run at 75 and have even passed several police cruisers that were barely doing 70! No issues have occurred.

When I got to Malta, I stopped at the local Dairy Queen for another Heath Mini-Blizzard. Inside I met Jerry Hecko from Greencastle, IN. He was returning from Alaska and was riding a 2005 Harley 1200 Custom, the same bike I did my first cross-country trip on in 2006. We traded cards, admired each others bikes, and departed on our individual journeys. I then fueled up and headed South toward the 'Upper Missouri River Breaks MT' and the town of Zortman. I had read about this little green hilly patch in a publication from the Bureau of Land Management. Having been there, I would say that the BLM is more keen on the Zortman area than I am. I rode an hour there, another hour back, saw some green hills, and the town of Zortman, which was a shack of a general store and a regular gas pump. Oh well, the detour did provide some pics and something to write about.

When I reached the town of Shelby, MT, it was about time to quit. I asked the gas station guy about camping, and he sent me off with questionable directions. I rode around, asked two women and got other directions; finally I saw the police station. I went in and was given the proper directions. Thanks to Paul and the other very helpful woman who had to remain inside at the call desk.

    Today = 386 miles,
    Total   = 5,561 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 9-Hours, 29-Min,
    Total   = 7-Days, 7-Hours, 27-Min
Lots of hay, rolled for drying.
Not much else to look at here.
Finally some livestock
This is one of the 'Historical Markers' along Hwy 2, I did not stop by too many of these.
Here is Geo. "Jerry" Hecko and his trusty ride.
Zortman area scenery - only a preview of mountains to be seen in the next days/weeks of this journey.
Officer Paul helped me find the Campground, just outside of town.
The park runs on the honour system; put your identified payment into the lockbox and keep the receipt at your campsite. If somebody checks, you're OK. I don't know of the consequences if you just stay!
Looks like a reasonable spot
Light was fading and so was I.
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