Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 25

I left Glasgow and headed West on Hwy 2. I stopped at the Big Sky Cafe in Cut Bank, MT for a quick breakfast. I approached Glacier from the East and rode up to the Saint Mary entrance, hoping that it was open. The East entrance has been closed for some time due to forest fires. But I had heard that it might be opening soon due to rain in the area and the firefighters' gallant efforts. Turns out that it was still closed, so I spent the day in and around Glacier NP on the East side, including the Two Medicine area.

I then headed for Kalispell, MT where there was a Harley dealership. I called and inquired about a service appointment and they said that they handle oil change requests on a first come, first server basis and will get it done in less than an hour. Arriving in Kalispell, I wanted to know where they were located, so I GPS'd their location and stopped by just before closing time. I inquired about camping opportunities in Kalispell, and was told there was a park just 1/4 mile down the road, but they didn't know if overnight camping was permitted there. I'll take my chances.

As I was setting up camp in the pavilion, I was approached by a woman that appeared to be the stereotypical 'meth-head.' Asking for money, telling me about Jesus, and just pestering me. She would walk away and come back, again and again. I got a little paranoid and determined that I should lock and zip-tie everything to my bike that I was not able to take into the tent with me. Then, the cops came by as darkness fell. The officer said camping was not allowed and I politely pointed to the Pavilion Rules sigh on the wall, which did not say anything about camping. He asked if I had seen a panhandling woman. I said yes, about a 1/2 hour ago, and where I last saw her disappear. I gave him my travel card showing my journey and about my adventures. Finally he said I could stay, but the shift changes at 7am, so he could not guarantee what other officers will do. I just said I have to pack up in the morning to get to the Harley dealer for service anyhow.

Well, in the course of all this commotion while settling in, I could no longer find my bike keys. It is my belief that the woman picked them up while I was trying to get camp set up. Long story short, thank goodness I had not yet locked the bike or set the alarm system. I only locked my saddlebags and could start the bike without the key. Tomorrow, at the dealer, I will have the locks cut off the bags and get new ones later.

    Today = 230 miles,
    Total   = 5,791 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 8-Hours, 7-Min,
    Total   = 7-Days, 15-Hours, 34-Min
Just a little 'Mom and Pop' operation with good food.
This is a place where the local Fish and Wildlife enforcement officers get their breakfast. I did indeed stumble into the right place.
Finally, mountains appear on the horizon.

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Saint Mary Lake
I have arrived...paradise!

Very strong winds above, but riding wasn't hampered.
Livestock along side, and sometimes on, the road, Yikes!
But, warnings are posted.
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West Glacier entrance, a great place to stop for Huckleberry pie.
Setting up in the Lions Club Park.
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