Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 26

I spent the entire day traversing Glacier NP. It is totally overwhelming in beauty and magnitude. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, although they cannot capture the grand scale of this place.

    Today = 219 miles,
    Total   = 6,010 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 8-Hours, 24-Min,
    Total   = 7-Days, 23-Hours, 58-Min
images/26-1.JPG images/26-2.JPG
images/26-3.JPG images/26-4.JPG
images/26-5.JPG images/26-6.JPG
Same spot - taken June 27, 2009 during my last BigRide images/26-7.JPG images/26-8.JPG
images/26-9.JPG images/26-a.JPG
images/26-b.JPG images/26-c.JPG
images/26-d.JPG images/26-e.JPG
images/26-f.JPG images/26-g.JPG
images/26-h.JPG images/26-i.JPG
Some small fires continue, but did not threaten the road traffic. images/26-j.JPG Roadwork closed one lane causing a 15 minute recess. images/26-k.JPG
images/26-l.JPG images/26-m.JPG
images/26-n.JPG images/26-o.JPG
Bird Woman Falls - Height 497 ft
Marcel Potter and Sherri Hodgettes from Vancouver, BC.
We all enjoyed the scenery and the ice cream.
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