Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 36

I left Susanville and headed toward Lake Tahoe on Rt 395. There, I came across a great shoe tree located on highway 395 about an hour south of Susanville, CA. This reminded me of another one I saw on Rt. 50 in Nevada (see below). Unfortunately, some BOZO cut the Nevada tree down in 2011 (article).

Coming into the Lake Tahoe area, I see the entrance to Squaw Valley, the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics. This brings back a wonderful memory. In 1968, I returned from a 15-month remote USAF assignment in Peshawar, Pakistan. I had a choice of US bases for my final obligation. I chose Mather AFB in Sacramento, CA. During that winter, my roommate, Mike Uranich and I decided to take up skiing. The base provided the equipment free of charge, and off we went. We drove to Squaw Valley, donned our newly purchased skiing attire, bought our lift tickets and shuffled to the bunny slope. We spent the morning mastering the rope tow and by lunch time we thought we had it figured out. We could get towed up and get back down without falling too many times. So, after a hearty lunch, we hopped on the chair lift to the top. WELL, we fell getting off the chair lift, spent the entire rest of the daylight hours, falling and getting up (repeat) making our way down from the summit. Humility was learned, big time! PS. We did not give up and over the course of the winter, we gained the skills required to actually be called skiers.

Finally, I get to Lake Tahoe and plan to ride the entire circumference. I start around clockwise from Tahoe City and get to South Lake Tahoe. I did not realize that it was so far back up the Western side. Checking the sunlight, the clock, and the map, I decided that it would not be the best thing to compete the entire loop. I needed a meal, needed to find a place to camp, and the day was almost over. I turned around at a wonderful Emerald Bay overlook and headed back to S. Lake Tahoe area for food/shelter. Just made it before darkness set in. I ate a quick Pad Thai, and then sheltered at the (not to be recommended) KOA campground.

    Today = 212 miles,
    Total   = 8,603 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 9-Hours, 51-Min,
    Total   = 11-Days, 6-Hours, 34-Min
The California Rt 395 Shoe Tree
The former Nevada Rt 50 Shoe Tree (me in 2006)
The quite nice ride to Reno
My first skiing experience; humbling.
Lake Tahoe pics

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