Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 55

I managed to get off to a late start. Not so bad, as I had time for a tasty green chili lunch with my dear friends, Don and Jean Jones, who have taken care of my bike while I was gallivanting around Northern New Mexico for the last 10 days. I didn't have much of an agenda for today. Just to head toward Big Bend NP and to swing by Claudia's childhood home in Roswell, NM. All went well and I found a 'nice' barn to camp in at the end of the day as night was approaching. I'm on the home stretch now. But what adventures lay ahead - I am eager to see. Cheers!

    Today = 201 miles,
    Total   = 10,533 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 4-Hours, 7-Min,
    Total   = 13-Days, 9-Hours, 49-Min
Returning to the 'road life' after a wonderful R&R.
Just an interesting hip pocket shot as I head out on the remainder of my trip.
Lot of open road toward Roswell, NM
?? Dairy Capital of the Southwest ??
Haven't seen any cows!!! images/55-4.JPG
Claudia's childhood home
1612 S. Missouri Ave, Roswell, NM
An available spot to set up camp - just south of Roswell
Worked out just fine.
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