Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 57

I made it out of Chisos Basin and topped off the tank at Panther Junction. I suggested that Sam and I ride to Rio Grande Village, some 20 miles to the East. Turns out that all the great scenery is toward the West where we rode last night. The ride to Rio Grande Village and back was pretty much a waste of time. When we got back to Panther Junction, it was time to top off the tank again, because it is 90+ miles of nothing to get back to the first town, Marathon, outsite the Big Bend NP. The border patrol have set up a checkpoint along this road, and all the do is ask if you are a citizen, yes...have a nice day.

    Today = 345 miles,
    Total   = 11,309 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 8-Hours, 35-Min,
    Total   = 14-Days, 5-Hours, 58-Min
Fellow admirers of the Big Bend NP.
Left to right are: Penny and Lawrence from Dallas, and Margaret and Rick from Houston.
The road back to Marathon, TX.
90 long miles to the nearest town.
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