Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 62

I got off to an early start and headed for the scenic shore road in Louisiana. The trip was progressing nicely, UNTIL, my left side mirror just fell off. This in turn let the turn signal indicator hang loose as well. Well, I never saw where the mirror skidded off to, but the turn signal was left dangling by its wire. I pulled over to the side and commenced repair procedures - duct taped the indicator back onto the handlebar. It worked well and I decided to see how far it was to the nearest Harley dealer. I only had to zig back 15 miles or so and continue on I-10 for about 35 miles. The service department said no problem and got me back on the road in about 1-1/2 hours, which included time to wash the bike. I really appreciate the fact that the HD dealers provide a complementary cleaning so that bikes leaving the dealer ALWAYS look good and clean.

The extra excursion prevented me from getting to the lower road, but I did manage to see quite a few birds.

A short tutorial for the state which was named for Louis XIV of France, in whose name La Salle took possession of the Mississippi Valley in 1682. Louisiana is sometimes called the 'Nations Sugar Bowl' because it grows more sugar cane than any other state. It also ranks first in growing rice, and is among the leading cotton growing states. More shrimp are taken from its waters than any other state. The state bird is the Pelican, and there are many to be seen fishing in the rice crop fields along the roadways.

I stopped for an authentic Cajun meal of Crawfish nuggets and Étouffée. Yummy indeed.

    Today = 280 miles,
    Total   = 12,032 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 9-Hours, 53-Min,
    Total   = 15-Days, 2-Hours, 21-Min
Finally leaving Texas - it was a BIG state.
Swamp lies just off the roads in many places.
The duct tape temporary repair...it did the job.
A very interesting Scenic Byways sign indeed.

Many miles of sugar cane farming, interspersed with rice crops.
Long shadows as I head for Houma late in the day.
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