Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 64

Left New Orleans this morning right after breakfast. Ride was uneventfull till I stopped at an Information Stop in Alabama. When I came out, the bike would not start, click-click-click. Seems the battery was too weak to start the motor. I got two guys to assist in jump starting, but the check engine light was on. I looked to see where the nearest H-D dealer was...good luck, only eight miles away. I called them and they said to bring it in. I put their address into the GPS and headed off. When I was about 2 miles away, alas the battery could not keep the motor running any longer. Plan B, called the tow truck, waited 1 hour and by the time I got to the dealers, there was not enough time to perform the complete maintenance - bad alternator. They provided transportation to a local motel and I'll check back in with them tomorrow. GPS unit still on the bike, therefore no map updates today. Let's all keep the fingers crossed that there are no other issues to be uncovered tomorrow.

    Today = 136 miles,
    Total   = 12,233 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 4-Hours, 10-Min,
    Total   = 15-Days, 8-Hours, 15-Min
Some houses rebuilt after Katrina on VERY high stilts.
Some remnants of properties gone missing.
Certainly pretty, but barely above the water line on a calm day!


The scenic coastal road I took most of the way today.
Lovely white beaches - for miles approaching Biloxi, MS.
During my stop at the Tourist Information, I met up with a very friendly couple, Wild Bill and Rusty, from Mobile. The gave me a very warm welcome to Alabama. Safe riding my friends!
Where the battery gave out and the bike stopped.
Dale saw me stranded and came back after securing a nice cold bottle of water for me. Dale epitomizes southern hospitality. Many thanks, you are a Good Man.
Dale ALSO stopped by the Harley Dealers on Tuesday to see how I was making out...
Unbelievable compassion. Thanks again!!!

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