Ted's Big Perimeter Ride - Day 66

Mostly just a cloudy day on the drive down Western Florida. Hit a few sprinkles and one real downpour that did not last too long. I was wearing my full raingear outfit, so the weather was not a problem. I was (almost) fully dried out by the time I reached my friends, Doug & Sharon's house, in Sun City Center, FL.
Now for some quiet visiting time before I head out on the final leg back home...Stay tuned.

    Today = 273 miles,
    Total   = 12,785 miles
Riding Time:
    Today = 5-Hours, 22-Min,
    Total   = 15-Days, 20-Hours, 1-Min
Stopped for a little lunch...
...and found some motorcycle wisdom on the walls.
Sand Hill Cranes on the golf course behind Doug & Sharon's house - they are pretty, but they dig up the fairways looking for grubs.
They let me get close, but not without 'barking' at me.
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