Ted's Big South America 360° Ride - 2017

Today was the day to claim our motorcycles from customs at the airport. They were to be shipped by boat from Los Angles, but due to unknown reasons, time became an issue and they were freighted to Miami and flown directy to Chile. We got the call at noon that the bikes had been officially received at customs and pick-up could be initiated. We took a taxi to the airport at began waiting.

The process was PAINFULLY slow. Long story short - it was almost 8pm when we left at airport. My bike had only one small issue - the shippers decided to remove the 4 bolts holding the windsheild to its bracket, and of course the bolts were nowhere to be found. This was repaired Tuesday morning at a Triumph dealership that is part of the sponsorship of Compass Expeditions support vehicle here is Santiago.

The 3 of us waiting for paperwork...
Myself, Bob(from Gaithersburg), and Clara(from Santa Fe)
Finally get to see my baby
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