Ted's Big Ride---Day Twenty-Eight

Eurika, NV to Nephi, UT
May 27, 2006

Well, Scotty's R.V. Park turned out to be a swell deal for $10. There was electricity in my tent all night to run/charge computer/phone. There was no rain during the night. The sun got me up at 6:15 local time followed by an endless HOT water shower. Packed up the ol-kit-bag and smiled, smiled, smiled. The plan for today was to continue the Lonliest Road, Rt 50, as that is the ONLY game in town.

I checked into the Best Western Paradise Inn - Nephi at 6:11pm MDT after a brutal windy ride across the Great Basin.

Plan distance: 279 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 6 hours 09 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=283 miles    Total=5,486 miles

Average Miles/Gallon:  38.9
Average Price/Gallon: $3.17 much improved in NV and UT

12:27:22 PM After I finished packing up, I swung back into town for some breakfast. This very fine little establishment is run by a Mennonite family and serves a great breakfast for $4.50. The place was really active! I surmise this is THE place in town catering to local folks.

I sat with Scotty who was there having his morning coffee when I walked in. Scotty is 92 and has been here running the camp since he retired from the aerospace industry in 1974. He is in good health and very sharp, which he credits to getting out of Southern Ca and living a no-worries life in Eureka. How can you argue with that!

12:36:39 PM Saying Goodby to Scotty in front of his trailer/office.
4:55:35 PM At the border of NV and UT, a political statement...

We know Vegas sucks an enormous amount of electricity, but water also has a large impact 100's of miles away.

4:59:04 PM My first entry into Utah... the only planned one ;-)

and an extra hour closer to home!

5:25:44 PM
5:40:46 PM Sevier Lake (Dry)
7:30:57 PM Mt Nebo (I think) in the distance
7:31:06 PM