Ted's Big Ride---Day Three

Carr Creek, KY to Paducah, KY
May 2, 2006

Made it through the night and slept very well. I had put on the rain fly because I was out in the open (last night I was under a picnic area roof) and it was a good thing, not for the rain, but the heavy morning dew.
Plan distance: 379 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 8 hours 51 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=387 miles,    Total=1022 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 39.2
Average Price/Gallon: $2.999
6:45:05 AM The chirping birds gently woke me up around 6:30. When I emerged from the tent, the clouds were hovering above. This would be an indication of the forthcoming weather. The water for the showers were warm as advertised (warm water is 'a good thing']. I called home , packed up all the gear, and was ready to leave when it started to rain. I pulled the bike under a big tree, covered luggage with large plastic construction bags (which I had brought along) and waited about 15 minutes till it stopped. The only real downer was the spray off the roads proceeded to soil the shine on the BLISS-mobile.
10:36:55 AM In order to resume my trip I got to return to Hazard to pick up Rt 80W. This road is initially called the Hal Rodgers Parkway and then becomes the Louie B. Nunn Parkway, going through two sections on the Boone National Forest. Spotty rain and overcast skies kept me guessing is I needed to pull out the rain gear. In the end I never really got THAT wet.
1:11:26 PM A milestone of sorts and a reason to take a stretch.
3:14:33 PM Now why am I entering Tennessee? That wasn't on my travel plan. Oh, I missed the turn off at Bowling Green. There was a truck accident there and I was so happy to get past it I couldn't see anything except open road. Hey look at it this way, I get to re-enter Kentucky for the third time in two days. Life is hard trying to be both pilot and navigator concurrently.
4:18:46 PM Now how did I get a picture of the Washington Monument at this point in the journey? That's what I was thinking---Kentucky has a knock-off of our Monument. Then I notice the next picture. I have been thrown back in time to another country.
4:21:03 PM The other "Washington Monument." At 351 feet tall, it is the largest concrete obelisk in the world, and the fourth tallest monument in the United States. Link to info here.
11:15:13 PM This is camping for tonight. Rain was still threatening, and luckily the was room (barely) at the Executive Inn in Paducah, KY. There is a bass fishing tournament/convention here and I barely got in. It even makes updating the Web travelLog easy. Today I did not have any luck finding an open Wi-Fi. Several times I sniffed, found an open router, but was denied access to the web. This is somewhat of a pain in dragging out the laptop and booting only to not be able to transmit my data.