Ted's Big Ride---Day Thirty-Two

Guernsey, WY to Crazy Horse, SD 57730
May 31, 2006

This morning I slept in as I was quite tired from yesterday. Instead of birds waking me up, I was hearing thunder and pitty-pat on the outside of the tent, not too good. I quickly called Claudia to get a weather report (cell phone coverage can be really handy). Well it did not look too good in Guernsey, but was reported better further north. I quickly broke camp, donned rain gear, and beat feet (rolled wheels).
Plan distance: 269 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 7 hours 51 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=287 miles    Total=6,433 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 39.6
Average Price/Gallon: $3.049

11:05:21 AM A view of my campsight after hastily breaking camp. Again, not too shabby a spot. This state campground provided nil ammeneties for the $12 camping fee. I could have found a comporable spot outside the State Park, but darkness and tiredness took a toll on my better judgement last night.
Now somewhere before Lusk, WY I hear louder exhaust AGAIN. I stop and see that now the FRONT two nuts are missing, E-GADS. Well I stop in Lusk and ponder. There is a True Value Hardware store, but they do not have nuts 5/16" nuts with a fine thread. But, they point me to the CarQuest Auto Parts store around the corner. I look through the packages and find one pack (seven nuts) for $1.79. This is the correct size and the clerk loans me a ratchet and socket to perform the install. I torqued one nut on and then ran another one on as a jam nut. This has performed wonderfully all day. Why the dealers cannot perform this action is beyond me right now. Bottom line----I off again ;-)
1:33:05 PM The store that saved me in Lusk, WY
My handywork.

2:01:25 PM The open roads of eastern Wyoming, heading for Newcastle, WY.
3:51:20 PM Adding another Great Face to the countryside.
4:40:28 PM I pass through Deadwook, SD. This is where Wild Bill Hickock got shot holding Aces&Eights. This is also the location of the origional BOOT HILL. Both Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried here next to one another. The following pics document this.

Calamity Jane is on the right!
5:28:59 PM OF COURSE, being this close to the most famous Motorcycle Town, I had to got there and get a tee shirt or two. Not much else here when it's not Bike Week in August.

7:13:24 PM Heading South from Deadwood on Rt 385 there is a fun little enterprise called Boondocks. They have quite a few old cars, an old garage, and a 50's diner. I could not pass this up for viewing or eating dinner. Some pics follow.
Serious case of "Helmet Head"
8:35:31 PM
9:01:55 PM
10:02:20 PM Crazy Horse Mountain
This is really a First Class operation. Many Indian Artifacts in the Museum and on display. A much better visit than Rushmore!
10:22:32 PM My campground for the night. Viewing the other direction, I can see the entire Crazy Horse Mountain in my backyard. I'll get the pic in the morning light.