Ted's Big Ride---Day Thirty-Four

Mitchell, SD to Garrison, MN
June 2, 2006 pic pic pic

Today was the BEST riding day in weeks. The temp was in the upper 80's and the wind was minimal. I had a leisurely trip up and across Minnesota. The scenery just kept getting better and better. I an in a motel tonight after 3 campouts. Time to recharge me and the electrical equipment. All in all a VERY nice day to be riding my bike. Still Smil'in.
pic Plan distance: 353 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 9 hours 0 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=380 miles    Total=7,299 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 36.4
Average Price/Gallon: $2.835

pic 9:12:05 AM This is where I ended up in the morning. Waking up to commuter traffic is not as restful as chirping birds. But ya gotta go with the flow.
9:48:04 AM The morning attraction. A person just CANNOT be in this region of SD and not visit the Corn Palace.
It seems that I got here early before all the tour busses start showing up.
pic 11:42:40 AM Finally I get east of South Dakota and into Minnesota. The eastern section of SD was a long ride and I'm ready for something new.
Shannon Rodman
12:22:19 PM This all started when I stopped for gas in Jasper, MN. While I was filling up, a tractor wheels into the station and the driver comes over to me and asks if I like Harley's!!! Like Yea. His work shirt only identifies him as 'Terry'. He says that there is a specialty shop around the corner that MAKES aftermarket, custom Harley parts, would I like to see---Like Yea! So I follow the tractor, literally around the corner, and there is a full scale machine production shop in operation in a metal building. Well, Terry goes in and comes out with his son Shannon, who runs the operation. Shannon is shown here on the shop bike (used to test run new parts).

Thanks for the facility tour Shannon, I appreciate seeing your super quality products and workmanship.

When I get a new deuce, I hope we can work together on some custom wheels.

RMD Billet in Jasper, MN can do it all---very impressive products specializing in 3-Piece Wheels and Belt Drive Systems.
Old traditional machining from an earlier age.
State of the art computer controlled equipment.
To read more.
1:24:02 PM
pic pic
pic Do you see the Oracle?

This is much the same as "The old man of the mountain" that was in New Hampshire. But that collapsed some years ago.

pic 5:42:24 PM Belgrade, MN


pic 7:47:30 PM Pierz, MN

How is that for a kids water fountain?