Ted's Big Ride---Day Thirty-Five

Garrison, MN to Thunder Bay, Ontario
June 3, 2006

Today's riding highlight was the "North Shore Drive of Lake Superior." I did not get an early start, hit the road about 11:00 local time. The ride was chilly near the lake although the sun was clear in the sky. Not much to say on each picture, so I'll be terse.
Plan distance: 297 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 6 hours 0 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=317 miles    Total=7,616 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 49.5
Average Price/Gallon: $3.13

1:58:35 PM Duluth Harbor - Left Viewing
Right Viewing
2:29:59 PM Starting the North Shore Drive
4:04:02 PM
Upper Gooseberry Falls
Lower Gooseberry Falls
5:08:15 PM
5:36:21 PM
5:41:08 PM Grand Marais Harbor-Left
Grand Marais Harbor-Right
7:05:45 PM Superior Views
More Superior Views
7:12:33 PM I leave the USA again...
7:28:11 PM And almost immediately see this moose!
Here's Bullwinkle without any sign of Rocky!!!