Ted's Big Ride---Day Thirty-Seven

Hearst, Ontario to Val-d'Or, Quebec
June 5, 2006

Just look at all those lakes and streams, WOW! It hardly seems that there is any dry land for timber, but there surely is.

Today was another beautiful riding day and I met some interesting folks along the way. My communication skills were stressed in Quebec as the language spoken and understood here is almost 100% French. I got by with a smile and a Bonjour and a Merci!

I quit at 7:00pm, found a little motel and had a fun time negotiating a room/dinner/breakfast, so it all could be wrapped into one transaction, Merci Bo coup! OBTW, television is a bust as all the channels are TOTALLY French.

Plan distance: 349 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 7 hours 35 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=387 miles    Total=8,328 miles

Average Miles/Liter: 12.68   (note units changes)
Average Price/Liter: $1.147(Canadian)

9:29:38 AM Leaving Hearst.

By coincidence, I had room number 111, which was my car number when I tracked my Porsche 914.

9:56:25 AM Portage is the name of the game between all those waterways.
Sorry for the shadow.
10:00:25 AM

Mattice, Ontario on Rt. 11.
It's always a matter of priorities!

The house may not be finished, but the yard art is coming along quite nicely, thank you!
10:34:44 AM Three items attracted me to this place for breakfast.

1. It's a Restaurant,
2. It's Open sign is lit, and
3. The VISA sticker on the front door.

I have not attained any Canadian $$$ so, VISA is a good thing.

They take the moose very seriously here, even the placemats provide warnings.

Funny aside, as I enter, the juke box is playing Johnny Cash singing
"My Baby Walks the Streets of Baltimore."
11:24:22 AM Trip duration now 8,000 miles, that's an average of 285/driving-day.
12:37:51 PM Very Open Road.
1:28:44 PM I got off the highway to see if I could find Iroquois Falls.
But all I found was this old train engine in the middle of town.
SMOKE FREE IS HERE, when will it reach the USA in total?

2:49:29 PM Here I get a mid-course correction from Claudia to take a more easterly route through Quebec rather than heading toward North Bay. Seems like a good alternative to miss the larger city of North Bay, so here I go.

I find myself back on Rt. 66. Who said that it ended in Chicago? A piece ended up here in Ontario.

But remember that when I was on Rt. 66 in Oklahoma, I ran into oldie classis cars, well I think that that can happen on any Rt.66...just wait and see...

2:51:32 PM Heading toward the (very French) Province of Quebec.
2:56:19 PM These Block Parents had better be heeded!!!
3:03:20 PM This catches my eye and I double back.

1948 Desoto Custom

This car is in fine condition. As I am looking it over, a fellow comes over to chat. This is Ted Phippen. He is the second registered owner of this car, the first being someone named Guernsey Hershey in Pennsylvania. Ted has had the car since 1976 and has done a fair bit of restoration, although it's looking a little faded. The flathead engine started right up and sounded sooo smooth.

Ted is 66 years old and has just gotten a new motorcycle. He has not had one for 40 years. He has other classic cars in his stable and cannot seem to justify keeping this one any longer.

We had a good long chat before I let his get back to mowing his grass. He was in his coveralls because he was in the middle of cleaning the float valve on the mower.

Finally, and very importantly, Ted directed me to where I could find a good ice cream cone in Kirkland Lake village.

Ted Phippen with his 1948 Desoto Custom.

Asking price $6,800 Canadian.

4:25:06 PM I made it to Quebec...although there was no real nice Welcome Sign so, the highway marker will have to do!