Ted's Big Ride---Day Thirty-Nine

Tupper Lake, NY to Rutland, VT
June 7, 2006

I left Tupper Lake at 9:23:11 AM and followed Rt. 30 south to Long Lake where I picked up Rt. 28N east. Just east of Newcomb I veered off on Rt.2 toward North Hudson. Now in North Hudson I was looking for Rt 74 to Ticonderoga, but I was mistaken, when I colored the map over with my pen, I covered over both a red road and a gray road with my blue pen. This had the effect of believing that Rt 74 actually went to North Hudson, which it DOES NOT. What I actually did do is described below.
Plan distance: 150 miles
Plan time at posted speed limit: 3 hours 46 minutes

Actual distance:  Today=178 miles    Total=8,899 miles

Average Miles/Gallon: 48.8
Average Price/Gallon: $3.239

11:19:46 AM This is a nice stretch of driving road, Rt.2, between Newcomb, NY and North Hudson, NY.

At North Hudson I could only find a County Road numbered 78 and called Johnson Pond Road. Well after going north and south out of town and not seeing any other roads, I decide that I may have had a typo and 78 would have to do. The road seemed fine for the first 3-4 miles when the road narrowed and the pavement stopped. See below left and right. After a long ride over Hog Back Mountain, on the dirt and gravel, I finally came out near Crown Point, NY.

11:48:27 AM

12:02:19 PM Pretty ride but not a good road for a loaded Harley.

12:43:08 PM One of the first signs of civilization once I emerged from coming over Hog Back. I just had to stop and get some Home Made Fudge.
12:52:27 PM I finally make it to Vermont as the clouds start to threaten my ride to Rutland.
1:14:57 PM Just when you might have thought you had seen everything in a cow motif, there is something new!

   Note the udder!   

1:23:52 PM Even with the rain, or maybe because of it, Vermont is such a beautifully green countryside. The Green Mountain State really fits.